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Katherine Dunham Pratt


Marie-Christine and Katherine

Marie-Christine Dunham Pratt

Robert Freedman
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Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams and Sheppard
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We offer the resources, information, and links below for any interested in finding biographical, scholarly, or other information. Note especially the list of Certified Dunham Technique Teachers and Instructors at the Katherine Dunham Center for Arts and Humanities at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Institute for Dunham Technique Certification.

List of Certified Dunham Technique Teachers at the Katherine Dunham Center for Arts and Humanities

Institute for Dunham Technique Certification

Biographical essay at PBS's Great Performances "Free to Dance"

The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Katherine Dunham Center for Arts & Humanities

Timeline at the Library of Congress Performing Arts Encyclopedia

New York Public Library's extensive collection of material via

Biographical entry at Wikipedia.

A Touch of Innocence

Touch of Innocence original cover

Original 1959 cover

A Touch of Innocence
"An absorbing family chronicle written with a gift for physical detail sometimes too real for comfort."    
— Langston Hughes

"This book is Dunham's story of the chaos and conflict that entered her childhood after her mother's early death."    
from Amazon's summary
(Amazon link)

Island Possessed

Original cover

Original cover, 1969

Island Possessed
Katherine Dunham Pratt's 1969 account of her experiences in Haiti in 1939.
(Amazon link)
Journey to Accompong Journey to Accompong


Original cover, 1974

Kasamance inside cover

Kasamance: A Fantasy
"Dunham's fifth book. . . . Kasamance: A Fantasy (New York: Odarkai Books, 1974). An allegorical African tale for young people set in Senegal, it is illustrated by Bennie Arrington after original drawings by John Pratt."

— Library of Congress timeline

Dances of Haiti


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U.S. postage stamps, issued in 2012.

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