New Xiaomi RedmiBook 16 Hands-on: 10-cores and MX350 Bring Stronger Performance
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By coco | 14 December 2022 | 0 Comments

New Xiaomi RedmiBook 16 Hands-on: 10-cores and MX350 Bring Stronger Performance

Appearance: 16-inch full screen

Notebook computers used to shrink the screen size in order to be portable and mobile, but in the new products in the past two years, we have found that larger notebooks continue to emerge. Isn't 13-inch and 14-inch better for portability?
In fact, due to the progress of science and technology, today's notebook computers have been very well controlled in terms of body lightness and weight, and the design of the narrow frame has reduced the size of the fuselage. even the 16.1-inch screen is only the original 15-inch body size, while maintaining portability, it can also bring a better visual experience.

Familiar with Redmi Logo

I have to say that in the past two years, the appearance of Xiaomi notebook is still very strong. On the top cover of RedmiBook 16, it is still familiar with the slogan of Redmi Logo, and DESINED BY XIAOMI.
Maintain the RedmiBook family design language.
But on a 16.1-inch laptop, the Logo looks a lot smaller.
RedmiBook 16 still uses the classic deep space gray color, the appearance is still simple style, the all-metal body is strong and wear-resistant, a little bit of Apple MacBook Pro style.
The thickness of the whole machine is only 17.55mm and the weight is only 1.8kg. It can be easily picked up by one hand and put into the bag when you go out without too much burden.

16-inch full screen

The most amazing appearance is the 16-inch comprehensive screen, which accounts for 90% of the screen, and the narrow borders on both sides are compressed to the 3.26mm.
This means that in the process of using it, all we can see is its screen, eliminating the influence of the black frame on the picture.
Enough screen quality for daily use.
This screen has a resolution of 1920x1080, a contrast ratio of 1000 1, and is equipped with a wide color range of 100%sRGB and the brightness of 300nits. The quality of the screen is not very good, but simple entertainment and office work is enough.

Full-size keyboard

Because of the large size of the fuselage and plenty of space, RedmiBook 16 uses a full keyboard design with a key spacing of 19.5mm, and a standard directional key design with a key range of 1.5mm, obvious feedback, typing can get a better rebound, but also very quiet.
The feel is definitely a light book that kills the market in seconds.
Perhaps because of cost considerations, the RedmiBook 16 keyboard is not equipped with backlights, which can be very inconvenient to use at night.
The interface is basically enough, it is a pity that there is no SD card slot, the interface is basically enough, and it is a pity that there is no SD card slot.
As a large-size notebook, RedmiBook 16 has rich interfaces. On the left side of the machine are full-function USB-C interface (charging port), HDMI interface, USB 3.1interface and USB-C data interface.
On the right side of the fuselage are the USB 2.0 port and the 3.5mm headphone port.
Can basically meet the daily use, such a large size of the notebook does not have an SD card really said, but SD card daily utilization rate is still very high.

Performance: 10-cores and MX350 independent graphics card

Performance part, before RedmiBook 16 only sharp dragon version, there are sharp dragon 54500U and sharp dragon 74700U two choices, AMD processor performance is also good, the main or cost-effective.
This time the RedmiBook 16 is equipped with the tenth generation Intel Core processor, which is based on the 10nm process. The RedmiBook 16 we get is i7-1065G7, based on Ice Lake architecture design, four cores and eight threads, main frequency 1.3GHz, Rui frequency 3.9GHz, the standard TDP 15W, and Iris Plus graphics card integrated in the processor.
This processor is also standard for high-end lightweight books. Although it has a certain distance compared with the i7-10710U, the overall performance can also meet the needs of daily work and entertainment.
I7-1065G7 processor integrates Intel Iris Plus core graphics card, which is the biggest difference between i7-1065G7 and U series processors. G7 in i7-1065G7 represents that it has 64 EU units, which is the strongest core graphics card in Intel processor camp at present. More often, core graphics cards have lower power consumption and lower heat than independent graphics cards, such as watching a video or simple office work.
At this time, the core graphics card is enough.

MX350 independent video card MX350 independent video card

Of course, for RedmiBook 16, the MX350 stand-alone graphics card is the biggest attraction.
MX350 is the latest independent graphics card launched by NVIDIA for lightweight books. Based on the Pascal architecture, it has reached the third generation from the first generation of MX150 to the latest MX350,GeForce MX series of independent graphics cards.
In terms of video memory, MX350 graphics cards are also equipped with GDDR5 memory with a capacity of 2GB.
 3DMark Fire Strike test 3DMark Fire Strike test. 
The total test score in the 3DMark Fire Strike test scenario is 3737, which has reached the performance level of the current entry-level desktop graphics card.
So how does RedmiBook 16 with NVIDIA GeForce MX350 graphics card perform in the actual game?
"NBA2020" can run in medium picture quality. "NBA2020" can run in medium picture quality.
First of all, there is no pressure to eat chicken, the whole process is more than 60 frames, "NBA2020" can basically run smoothly in medium picture quality, but not particularly smooth in high picture quality, as for the 3A masterpiece "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" is still relatively difficult.
 So, MX350 can compare the flow of running some online games, but large games are still difficult, but compared to core graphics cards, whether dealing with video or playing games are much better.
Hard disk test
In the hard disk section, RedmiBook 16 is equipped with a solid state disk with 512GB SATA interface, which can be seen in the CrystalDiskInfo software test, but it is also sufficient for daily office file storage.
In terms of interaction, if you own a RedmiBook 16 and a Xiaomi phone, it will be easier to transfer data in your daily office.
RedmiBook 16 Ruilong version supports Xiaomi mutual transmission function. After downloading Xiaomi mutual transmission application, you can connect the computer and mobile phone. The files transferred between the two can be transferred in unlimited format, unlimited number, unlimited size, and can also be transferred in a netless state.


Finally, the question is, will you buy the 10-cores version or the AMD Ruilong version?
There is no difference in appearance between the two products, the only difference is the processor.
The debate about Intel's tenth-generation core and 7nm Zen 2 architecture of Ruilong processors has never stopped. In fact, AMD is still very good, and the performance of both is basically in the same echelon. If you are just a simple office and entertainment, there is no obvious difference between the two.

But the 10-cores version comes with a MX350 independent graphics card, and if you cut some videos or large games, the experience will still be better than the Ruilong version.


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